Quality Management

Quality Management

There are four basic elements that determine total quality management approach:

1. People

Total quality management also brings a sense of responsibility. First of all, the cruical issue is who will bear this responsibility and this can only achieved by the people. That is why human resources management has an significant role in total quality management philosophy.

2. Continuousdevelopment

The continuous developmental stage, also defined as Kaizen, that is to say that each structure is better than the previous one, can be defined as the plan-apply-check and correct process that Deming mentions. The desire to always catch the best means to be in an advanced stage always in continuous improvement.

3. Full participation

Full involvement of employees means that they are participated in goal setting, and decision making and creation of solutions according to the approach of total quality management, that all employees share the same common ground in team work and in the leadership of top management.

4. Customer

Basic principles of total quality management is the customer-focused approach at the same time. The common target of all employees participated in total quality management is delivering what the customer expects.